WEB-CAB hits the headlines – Industry 4.0

WEB-CAB hits the news headlines for the third time in a few weeks for its industry 4.0 solutions! WEB-CAB’s various “Assistants” software, which include the Sales Assistant, the Production Assistant and the Planning Assistant, are sparking interest in North America! This time it’s the well known Woodworking network that highlights, in an interview with Matt Fleming of Biesse Canada, the significant impact that the Web-Cab Production Assistant has on productivity in the factory! Check out the article here


Industry 4.0 solutions with Biesse Canada
On November 22, WEB-CAB held an event in partnership with Biesse Canada to show what Industry 4.0 really means to small and medium factories. This event, which was held at the Biesse Canada factory in Toronto, had the main objective to demonstrate that industry 4.0 solutions such as the Production Assistant or the Planning Assistant no longer apply only to large companies, but that they are now available and especially affordable for small and medium-sized factories. This has allowed many customers to see how they can increase their productivity using the machinery they already own.



Concrete results and customer testimonials
Production Assistant is a solution for which the return on investment is fast and for which the impacts are easily measurable,” says Charles-Alexandre Cloutier, Product Specialist at WEB-CAB. Several customers have already shared their positive experience with the solution.


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