Optimize communication between buyers, sellers and distributors.

WEB-CAB’s point-of-sales (POS) assistant optimizes communication between buyers, sellers and distributors.With the cost estimating module and a customizable smart catalogue that is adapted to the woodworking and kitchen cabinet industry, you have a direct link to your suppliers and your CAD/CAM software. You can lock up your sales by quoting the right price from the start as well as determine your cost price.

Thanks to the smart catalogue, you no longer have to worry about missing parts, which can be very costly during production. This lets you optimize communications between the office and factory by eliminating physical production files, which are often too large and contain too little or too much information.

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Generate reports (statistics) customizable for all stages of a project.

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Customer relations management (CRM)

In terms of CRM, WEB-CAB plays a specific role in every step of the sales cycle

(pre-sales, sales, after-sales). It enables you to manage your contacts (customers, potential customers, partners), identify your best customers, define their profiles and organize your communications with them. Moreover, you can monitor your orders and invoices, anticipate market changes (marketing intelligence) and set up personalized technical assistance.

Advantages of CRM software:

  • Increases company earnings (margin for each customer)
  • Builds up your customer retention rate (which costs five times less then attracting new customers)
  • Increases productivity by automating certain tasks
  • Optimizes collaboration between different company departments (commercial, marketing, after-sale service)
  • Improves responses to specific problems (e.g. drops in sales numbers)

Customer file

Customize the unique characteristics of each client and maximize each

transaction through CRM WEB-CAB.

  • Type of customer
  • Discount

Estimate / specifications / order entry

The cost estimating module takes care of the quotation process. Starting with


the customer file, the order is assembled, the products and accessories are chosen, and the cost of delivery is set using the postal code and Google Maps. This gives you the correct price and maximizes your production line on your very first meeting with the client. This module also manages individual client discounts and commissions.

With .CSV and .XML import option, import automatically your order in WEB-CAB software and avoid manual entry.

In sync with distributors

No more faxes: WEB-CAB is an e-commerce platform that facilitates interaction between buyers and sellers. Whether you need to give a client an estimate or place an order, the software simultaneously centralizes the information in your supplier catalogues and lets you set a price, and then send the order. Having manufacturers and distributors connected makes your sales and order process much easier.

  • Catalogue easy to update
  • Real-time price updates
  • E-communication of promotions and new items

Smart Catalogue

WEB-CAB’s smart catalogue allows direct communication with the pre-

production department. Using preset data, the catalogue manages parameters, adapts to your company’s variables and, thus, determines whether the project is feasible. In addition, the catalogue acts as a memory aid to ensure you do not forget anything when making estimates and even suggests a list of specific accessories that could be added to the order. You can also rank the products based on the most popular orders, manage promotions and, hence, increase your sales.

Many supplier catalogues are already integrated into WEB-CAB, and the catalogue products can be edited and customized. Prices are updated in real time and the purchase order is generated. Moreover, you can export this data to your own pre-production software (CAD/CAM).

The integration works in phases in order to evaluate every step of the implementation process.

Updates are automated, and the catalogue is printable.

Our catalogue comes with the following:

  • Cabinets sold on the market
  • Accessories required by our kitchen-designer clients
  • Hardware tailored to the kitchen cabinet industry
  • Latest trends in door models and colours
  • Counters: molded, laminate, granite, quartz and more
  • Sheet materials: melamine, laminate, MDF and plywood
  • Service for your customers
  • Keep your sales network up to date on new items


Manage office and factory activities with dynamic calendars.



  • Armoires DLM

    WEB-CAB has become the heart of our company.

    – Nicolas Marcoux

  • Industries Qualifab

    The WEB-CAB system is easy to use and delegating the bidding phase is simple.

    – Mario De Blasio

  • APH Cabinets

    We have reduced off our delivery time by 2 days! Thanks to WEB-CAB Solutions!
    – Sonia Prud’homme







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