5 benefits of opting for a production planning tool

Production planning is an essential step for successful operations. If you are in charge of this task in your company, there is no need to remind you that it is a real headache, not to mention the time and effort you put into it.

Here are 5 benefits of opting for a production planning tool:


    1. Decision making made easier

      A planning tool allows you to visualize the workload per project, thus ensuring a better flexibility of resources. It then becomes easier to determine whether, for example, overtime must be allocated, or labour will have to be assigned to another task to ensure the feasibility of the project. This type of tool also allows for greater responsiveness. In fact, having a clear plan of future schedules makes it possible to assess whether an unexpected order can be accepted or rejected based on production capacity. The Planning Assistant offers the possibility to make various simulations such as moving the delivery date of a project in order to accept a new project or not.

    2. Less time spent in meetings and doing manual project planning

      A planning tool makes it possible to centralize all projects and eliminate silo work and potential errors. For example, a designer could have orders on paper that he has not yet had time to share with his team. Once the orders have been listed with the whole team, it is very likely that the resulting projects will exceed production capacity. The Planning Assistant is a collaborative solution that simplifies the strategic planning of projects simultaneously, not to mention the elimination of paper.

    3. Project progress monitoring

      The use of a planning tool makes it easy to see the progress of each project in order to follow up on production. If there are gaps in the progress of a project, the production manager can act quickly to make adjustments. The Planning Assistant allows you to efficiently manage production based on the recipes established beforehand for each type of project.

    4. Meeting deadlines and improving customer service

      The market is increasingly competitive, and consumers always want more, so we must exceed their expectations. By using a planning tool that allows them to control the evolution of projects, such as Planning Assistant, companies make sure that they meet deadlines and deliver projects on time.

    5. Improved communication between the people involved in the project

      A planning tool allows you to digitize and centralize all the information and documents necessary for the completion of a project. Each user has the information they need to plan future operations and carry out their activities. The Planning Assistant users can access the order details in only one click ̶ the order date, the delivery or installation date and the customer’s address ̶ in addition to all useful documentation ̶ the kitchen plans and drawings, the contract, the invoice, the detailed quote and confirmation, and any other relevant document.

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